What kinds of Chinese medicinal materials have been affected by the "epidemic" during the Spring Festival?

25 Feb 2020 00:13

In 2020, at the beginning of the New year, the outbreak of pneumonia in novel coronavirus had varying degrees of impact on various industries. A "battle" without nitrate smoke affected the hearts of 1.4 billion people. In this campaign, traditional Chinese medicine gave full play to the advantages of treating the epidemic situation.

First, the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine appear, and the demand for Chinese medicinal materials related to the epidemic situation is increasing.

The classic Huangdi Neijing, a classic of traditional Chinese medicine 2000 years ago, described the characteristics of the plague. "at the top of the five diseases, all of them are easy to infect, do not ask the size of the disease, and the symptoms are similar." From Zhang Zhongjing's Treatise on febrile Diseases in the Eastern Han Dynasty to the four major febrile diseases in Ming and Qing dynasties, the study of acute infectious diseases in traditional Chinese medicine was very early and well understood, and it was in a leading position in the history of world medicine at that time.

In 2003, SARS prevention and treatment, the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine was recognized by the World Health Organization. At present, there is no special medicine to deal with the epidemic situation in COVID-19. However, in the process of epidemic prevention, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of confirmed and suspected cases, has given full play to the dominant role.

According to many surveys, the demand of anti-influenza Chinese medicinal materials increased rapidly after the year, and the growth rate accelerated, the supply of goods was in the stage of rigid demand, and the social inventory was obviously digested.

Second, what kinds of Chinese medicinal materials have been affected by the epidemic situation of coronavirus infection of pneumonia?

& lt;< coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial sixth edition) & gt;> in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine explained:

This disease belongs to the category of "epidemic" in traditional Chinese medicine. Because of the feeling of "epidemic", the disease can be treated by syndrome differentiation according to the condition, local climate characteristics and different physique. When it comes to superPharmacopoeia doses, they should be used under the guidance of doctors.

1. Medical observation period

Clinical manifestation 1: fatigue with gastrointestinal discomfort

Recommended Chinese patent medicine: Huoxiang Zhengqi capsule (pill, water, oral liquid)

Clinical manifestation 2: fatigue with fever

Recommended Chinese patent medicine: Jinhua Qinggan granule, Lianhua Qingwen capsule (granule), Shufeng jiedu capsule (granule).

two。 Clinical treatment period (confirmed cases)

2.1 Qingfei Paidu decoction

Scope of application: suitable for mild, general, severe patients, in the treatment of critical patients can be combined with the actual situation of patients reasonable use.

Basic prescription: ephedra 9g, roasted Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch 6g, almond 9g, raw gypsum 15g 30g (frying first), Guizhi 9g, Zexie 9g, Polyporus umbellatus 9g, Atractylodes macrocephala 9g, Bupleurum chinense 16g, Huangling 6g, ginger Pinxia 9g, ginger 9g, Aster 9g, winter flower 9g, Seigan 9g, Asarum asparagus 6g, yam 12g, solid 6g, Chen Pei 6g, Huoxiang 9g.

Prescription: traditional Chinese medicine slices, fried in water. Pay once a day, two times in the morning and evening (40 minutes after meals), take warm clothes, pay three times a course of treatment.

If there are conditions, you can take half a bowl of rice soup at a time after taking the medicine, and you can take an extra bowl if your tongue is dry and your body fluid is deficient. (note: if the patient does not have fever, the amount of gypsum should be small, fever or strong heat can increase the amount of gypsum). If the symptoms improve but not cured, take the second course of treatment, if the patient has special circumstances or other basic diseases, the second course of treatment can be modified according to the actual situation, symptoms disappear when the drug is stopped.

Prescription source: circular of the Office of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine of the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission on the recommendation of the use of "Qingfei Paidu decoction" in the treatment of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine (letter No. 22 of the Medical Administration of the State Office of traditional Chinese Medicine (2020)).

2.2 Light weight

(1) syndrome of cold dampness and depression of lung

Clinical manifestations: fever, fatigue, soreness all over the body, cough, slight phlegm, chest tight and suffocating, dumbfounded, nausea, vomiting, stool sticky and uncomfortable. The tongue is light fat tooth mark or light red, the coating is white, thick, sapropelic or white, pulse moisturizes or slippery.

The recommended prescriptions were as follows: ephedra 6g, raw gypsum 15g, almond 9g, Qiang Huo 15g, Tingli seed 15g, Guanzhong 9g, Dilong 15g, Xu Changqing 15g, patchouli 15g, Peran 9g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Yunling 45g, Atractylodes macrocephala 30g, Jiaosanxian 9g, Magnolia officinalis 15g, Jiaobetel nut 9g, simmered grass fruit 9g, ginger 15g.

Method: one dose a day, 600 ml fried in three times, one in the morning, one in the middle of the night, and taken before meals.

(2) syndrome of dampness-heat accumulation of lung

Clinical manifestations: low fever or no fever, slight cold, fatigue, heavy head and body, muscle soreness, dry expectoration, pharynx pain, dry mouth do not want to drink too much, or accompanied by chest tightness wrist ruffian, no sweat or sweat out of order, or see vomiting and malaise, loose stools or stool sticky and uncomfortable. The tongue is reddish, the moss white is thick or thin yellow, the pulse is slippery or moisturized.

The recommended prescriptions were betel nut 10g, apple 10g, Magnolia officinalis 10g, Anemarrhena asphodeloides 10 g, Huangling 10g, Bupleurum chinense 10g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 10g, Forsythia suspensa 15g, Artemisia annua 10g, Atractylodes macrocephala 10g, Daqingye 10g and Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.

Method: one dose a day, fried 400ml in two times, one time in the morning and once in the evening.

2.3 General type

(1) dampness toxin stagnation of lung syndrome

Clinical manifestations: fever, cough and phlegm, or yellow sputum, shortness of breath, abdominal distension, constipation is not smooth. The tongue is dark red, the tongue is fat, the fur is yellow, greasy or yellow dry, the pulse is slippery or the string is slippery.

The recommended prescriptions were as follows: ephedra 6g, bitter almond 15g, raw gypsum 30g, raw Coix seed 30g, Atractylodes macrocephala 10g, patchouli 15g, Artemisia artemisia 12g, Polygonum cuspidatum 20g, verbena verbena 30g, dried Reed root 30g, Tingli seed 15g, orange red 15g, raw licorice 10g.

Method: one dose a day, fried 400ml in two times, one time in the morning and once in the evening.

(2) syndrome of cold and dampness blocking lung

Clinical manifestations: low fever, warm body, or not hot, dry cough, less phlegm, burnout fatigue, chest tightness, wrist ruffian, or vomiting, loose stools. The tongue is light or reddish, the moss is white or white, and the pulse is soaked.

The recommended prescriptions were as follows: Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, tangerine peel 10g, Magnolia officinalis 10g, Huoxiang 10g, herbaceous fruit 6g, ephedra 6g, Notopterygium wilfordii 10g, ginger 10g, betel nut 10g.

Method: one dose a day, fried 400ml in two times, one time in the morning and once in the evening.

2.4 heavy duty

(1) Syndrome of closed lung caused by epidemic toxin.

Clinical manifestations: febrile blush, cough, less phlegm yellow mucus, or sputum with blood, shortness of breath, fatigue and burnout, dry mouth, nausea, stool is not smooth, urination short red. The tongue is red, the coating is yellow and greasy, the pulse is slippery.

The recommended prescriptions were as follows: ephedra 6g, almond 9g, raw gypsum 15g, Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch 3G, Huoxiang 10g, Magnolia officinalis 10g, Atractylodes macrocephala 15g, Caoguo 10g, Pinellia ternata 9g, Poria cocos 15g, rhubarb 5g, Astragalus membranaceus 10g, Tingli 10g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 10g.

Method: 1 ~ 2 doses per day, decoction, 100ml ≤ 200m1, 2 times a day, oral or nasal feeding.

(2) two burnt certificates of gas camp

Clinical manifestations: severe heat, thirst, shortness of breath, delirium dizziness, visual error, or macula, or vomiting, bleeding, or limb convulsions. The tongue is less moss or moss-free, and the veins are thin, or floating.

The recommended prescription was as follows: raw gypsum 30g, Anemarrhena asphodeloides 30g, place 30g, buffalo horn 30g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 30g, Panax quinquefolium 30g, Forsythia suspensa 15g, Danpi 15g, Coptis chinensis 6g, bamboo leaf 12g, Tingli seed 15g, raw licorice 6g.

Method: 1 dose per day, water fried, first fried gypsum, buffalo horn and then all kinds of drugs, 100ml ≤ 200m1 each time, 2 times a day, oral or nasal feeding.

Recommended Chinese patent medicine: Xiyanping injection, Xuebijing injection, Reduning injection, Tanreqing injection, Xingnaojing injection. Drugs with similar efficacy can be selected according to individual conditions, or can be used in combination with clinical symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine injection can be used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

2.5 critical (internal and external detachment syndrome)

Clinical manifestations: dyspnea, prone to asthma or need mechanical ventilation, accompanied by dizziness, irritability, sweating limbs cold, tongue purple dark, thick or dry coating, pulse floating without root.

Recommended prescription: ginseng 15g, Heishun tablet 10g (fried first), Cornus officinalis 15g, take Suhe Xiang pills or Anguan Niuhuang pills.

Recommended Chinese patent medicine: Xuebijing injection, Redoning injection, Tanreqing injection, Xingnaojing injection, Shenfu injection, Shengmai injection, Shenmai injection. Drugs with similar efficacy can be selected according to individual conditions, or can be used in combination with clinical symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine injection can be used in combination with traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

Note: recommended use of severe and critical traditional Chinese medicine injections

The principle that the use of traditional Chinese medicine injection should be adjusted by syndrome differentiation from low dose to step by step, the recommended usage is as follows:

Virus infection or mild bacterial infection: 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250m1 plus Xiyanping injection 100mg bid, or 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ml heating Wenning injection 20 ml, or 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ml plus Tanreqing injection 40ml bid.

Hyperpyrexia with disturbance of consciousness: 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250m1 plus Xingnaojing injection 20ml bid.

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome or / and multiple organ failure; 0.9% sodium oxide injection 250ml plus Xuebijing injection 100ml bid.

Immunosuppression: 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250m1 plus Shenmai injection 100m1Bir.

Shock: 0.9% sodium chloride injection 250ml plus Shenfu injection 100ml bid.

2.6 recovery period

(1) deficiency of lung and spleen qi syndrome

Clinical manifestations: shortness of breath, burnout, anorexia, anorexia, fullness, weakness of stool, loose stools. The tongue is fat and the moss is white and greasy.

Recommended prescription: Pinellia ternata 9g, Chen Pei 10g, Codonopsis pilosula 15g, roasted Huangmao 30g, fried Atractylodes macrocephala 10g, Huoling 15g, Huoxiang 10g, Amomum villosum 6g, licorice 6g.

Method: one dose a day, fried 400ml in two times, one time in the morning and once in the evening.

(2) deficiency of both qi and yin

Clinical manifestations: fatigue, shortness of breath, dry mouth, thirst, palpitation, more sweat, poor tolerance, low fever or no heat, dry cough and less phlegm. The tongue is dry and weak, and the veins are thin or weak.

The recommended prescriptions were 10 g each, 15 g of Ophiopogon officinalis, 6 g of Panax quinquefolium, 6 g of Schisandra chinensis, 15 g of raw gypsum, 10 g of light bamboo leaf, 10 g of mulberry leaf, 15 g of Reed root, 15 g of salvia miltiorrhiza and 6 g of raw Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.

Method: one dose a day, fried 400ml in two times, one time in the morning and once in the evening.

III. Comparison table of some relevant varieties of Chinese medicinal materials

We know that the change of Chinese medicinal material market is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. When the actual demand of varieties is pulled or the accumulation of short-term popularity of some varieties will affect the price fluctuation, the following is the list of some varieties related to the epidemic situation after the year.

In the case of the four major Chinese medicinal materials professional market has not opened, only some varieties produced transactions, through the above table shows that patchouli, Radix Isatidis, Daqingye, honeysuckle, Atractylodes macrocephala, Forsythia suspensa, the market rose obviously, other varieties did not fluctuate.

IV. The "new crown" is raging, and most of the goods are in a state of no trade.

In accordance with the practice of previous years, the market will gradually enter the opening state after the first ten of the first month, affected by the "new crown" raging, the four major Chinese medicine markets have issued a notice of delaying the opening of the market.

At the same time, in violation of the requirements of the notice, the market regulatory department shall, as soon as it is found, confiscate and severely punish the acts of opening the door and conducting transactions without authorization.

Drug dealers actively respond to the policy, regardless of personal gains and losses, do not add chaos to the country, reduce crowd gathering, most of the goods are in a state of no transaction, with the implementation of the resumption of production plan, local logistics distribution will gradually return to normal, the market of Chinese medicinal materials based on supply and demand will be truly displayed.

V. Analysis of the market of some Chinese medicinal materials

5.1) Flos Lonicerae of great concern

Honeysuckle, the regional market has been between 160 and 180 yuan, January 22 after the outbreak, the overall market rose 20 yuan, but affected by the end of the year, the actual volume of goods trading is not large.

After 2000, honeysuckle in the sensitive sense of smell of pharmacists, the trading volume of the production area magnified, the price of special goods in 300 yuan, with the tightening of prevention and control, the circulation volume of goods narrowed, and the price fell slightly. Recently, a small number of logistics began business, businesses as long as there is a commercial circulation enterprise business certificate can be normal business, honeysuckle market is in a stable state, now Shandong production area level I white flower price in 260 yuan; Hebei green flower first class drink goods in 280 yuan, second class goods in 260 yuan; white flower first class goods in 240 yuan.

Honeysuckle prices began to rise all the way in 2017 to 280 yuan in 2018, high prices stimulate production, the country has been distributed, but the size and trading of the three major producing areas: Pingyi, Shandong; Hebei giant deer; Henan Fengqiu.

According to the current supply stock of producing areas and the expected production capacity in 2020, there will be room for the market to fall back in the new period of honeysuckle production. The outbreak of coronal new pneumonia has changed the trend of honeysuckle market. The main reasons for the current outbreak are: affected by the epidemic prevention and control, villages and villages seal roads, farmers can not flow in the hands of goods, resulting in the market and production areas can not have enough circulation of goods, coupled with strong demand pull, resulting in the market.

So, what are the factors that affect the change of honeysuckle market in the later stage?

1. Honeysuckle is still three months away from production (pressure of new goods)

2. Stock. (it is understood that at present, some sources of goods are still in the hands of farmers in the producing areas.)

3. After the normal circulation of logistics, the change of the circulation volume and demand of the source of goods.

4. The influence of the uncertainty of demand (the duration of epidemic situation on the demand of honeysuckle).

5.2) Forsythia suspensa in silence

Forsythia suspensa, the price was raised by 2 yuan under the pull of demand a year ago, and the market rose from 42 yuan to 55 yuan after the year. Forsythia suspensa, which has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, has become a sensitive variety in the epidemic situation or influenza.

Forsythia volatility is generally due to two reasons: one is that Forsythia Forsythia encounters "spring cold", the other is Forsythia forsythia encounter "flu, epidemic situation."

Forsythia forsythia production in 2019 is not large, compared with the normal year (Forsythia suspensa production reduction for three years in a row), but affected by demand is not strong, the market has been running in the downturn.

The epidemic has hit, the supply of goods has gone up, the attention of businesses has increased, the inventory of producing areas and markets has been digested to a certain extent, and of course, roads have been closed, and the circulation of goods has been blocked.

For forsythia after the market, for the time being can not be determined, because the uncertain factors are still in, the main reasons are two points.

1. It is not certain whether there will be "falling spring cold" this year.

2. The demand for Forsythia suspensa in the later stage is uncertain (the demand for Forsythia suspensa)

5.3) the changeable market of Trichosanthes kirilowii

2019 Gualou market to first lag behind in the form of weakness and strength. At present, the bidding price of Hebei production silk is between 15 yuan and 16 yuan, and the price of silk selection is about 19 yuan. Due to the closure of the market, the road is blocked, and the circulation of goods has not been large.

In 2019, the market rebounded in the new period of Trichosanthes production, mainly because: many businessmen think that although the production of Trichosanthes in this year has been reduced, it will not be too large, and the market has not exploded ahead of time. In the new period to be produced, the output of Shanxi's major producing areas has been reduced, and businesses have rushed to the producing areas to buy fresh Trichosanthes, thus producing a new rush to buy the situation. (production is the period during which operators prepare their goods, and once they miss the purchase period, they will not be able to have enough sales for one year.) the cost of dry products will also be increased as a result of the increase in the cost of dry products.

New production, the supply of goods into a normal state of digestion, the market is weak, a year ago, the price of silk in 13 yuan, with the outbreak of the epidemic, demand pull, businesses cherish the existence of sales psychology, the market is strong again.

The ups and downs of Gualou market further shows that the market of Chinese medicinal materials is determined by the relationship between supply and demand.

What are the factors that affect the market of Gualou in the future?

1. Increase or decrease in demand.

2. The output of finished products processed by processors.

3. Psychological factors of merchants holding goods.

4. The circulation status of the source of goods.

5.4) Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi running at a high price

Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, the dryness of new goods is more than 8% dry, the inventory of old goods is weak, the overall trading volume of goods in the producing areas is not large, the price of old goods is mostly between 23 yuan and 25 yuan, and the overall market is up 4 yuan compared with the previous year.

The high price of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi has been maintained for three years, mainly because the production of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi has not yet recovered in a large area. In 2019, the output of fresh goods in Shanxi and Shaanxi was basically the same as that in 2018, the stock of old goods in each producing area was in a very weak state, the big goods were difficult to demand, and the market was basically in a state of no large goods available.

In this context, the outbreak of the epidemic, further raising the demand for Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, the rise in the market has become a consensus of holders, with the opening of logistics everywhere, supply and demand is more clear, the real market can be reflected.

5. 5) unexpected accident-Mianma runs through the crowd

Mianma Guanzhong, a pure wild variety, in recent years inventory is not abundant, driven by strong demand for the epidemic, the market has risen significantly, the current production area more than 20 yuan between 25 yuan.

Mianma Guanzhong, during the SARS period, its price broke through more than 40 yuan, and then because of the serious excess of mining production, the price fell between 2 yuan and 4 yuan. With the digestion of inventory, the market has been fluctuating between 8 yuan and 12 yuan in recent years.

The rise in the market before production in 2019 shows that the stock of old goods has been digested in recent years, because of the obvious inhibitory effect of Guanzhong on various influenza viruses, the coronal pneumonia epidemic has a strong demand pull, it has the potential to rise, which is also an unexpected accident.

Although there are many favorable factors in carrying out the public, we should also be alert to the repetition of history.

1. There are many kinds of products, and the impact of dike forgeries or habits on Mianma Guanzhong.

2. High prices stimulate production, and production in June may be a turning point for Mianma.

In this campaign of new coronal pneumonia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has brought into play the advantages of treating the epidemic situation, and the demand for related Chinese medicinal materials is higher than that of normal years. The current market is produced in the current context, does not represent the future price, with the resumption of production policy, the normal operation of logistics everywhere, a new round of market will gradually float out of the lake.

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