Academician Tong Xiaolin: treatment Scheme of traditional Chinese Medicine (with prescription)

06 Mar 2020 03:24

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, senior expert group of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, Tong Xiaolin, Guanganmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine

On January 25, Huang Luqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, led the medical team of Guanganmen Hospital and Xiyuan Hospital to Wuhan. At the same time, Tong Xiaolin academician led the expert group deep into Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital clinical first-line diagnosis and treatment of patients.

On the morning of January 26, the reporter of the Health Daily interviewed Academician Tong Xiaolin of Guanganmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine by telephone.

1. What kind of work do you lead to the senior expert group in Wuhan epidemic area?

Tong Xiaolin: the main tasks of our senior expert group of traditional Chinese medicine are as follows: one is to optimize the treatment plan of traditional Chinese medicine, the other is to find that there are problems in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine through field investigation in the hospital, and the third is the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of difficult and critical diseases.

Academician Tong Xiaolin (first from right) leads experts to inspect the room at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan City.

two。 The disease belongs to yin disease. Huangdi Neijing says that "observing color according to pulse and distinguishing yin and yang first", the nature, development and prognosis of yang disease and yin disease are completely different. If the disease is febrile disease or wet plague, the disease belongs to yang disease, the outcome is to injure yin, is to injure yin as the main line.

COVID-19 is caused by the disease of cold and dampness, the disease belongs to yin disease, is to injure yang as the main line. Therefore, in the cure, must be aimed at cold and wet.

3. In terms of location, in the lungs and / or spleen. "Huangdi Neijing" says "shaped cold drink cold will hurt lung", comprehensive Wuhan climate and the patients we see, can also have no spleen and stomach symptoms at all.

I think the syndrome of each period is as follows: the early stage is cold dampness attack lung hinders the spleen, the middle stage is cold dampness hinders the lung to trap the spleen, the late cold dampness closes the lung injury spleen (inside closed external extubation), the convalescent stage is the lung temper deficiency.

4. In the use of drugs, the general principle is to dissipate cold and dehumidify, avoid filth and turbidity, and should be consistent.

Huoxiang Zhengqi Powder, Shenzhu Powder, Da Yuan Yin and so on can be used in the early stage, Xuanbai Chengqi decoction, Huopu Xia Ling decoction and so on in the middle stage, Shenfu Sini decoction or Suhe Xiang pills in the late stage, Liujunzi soup and Lizhong decoction in the recovery period.

3. Do you have any other instructions in the course of treatment?

Tong Xiaolin: reduce unnecessary infusion cold and wet, the tongue body is fat, there are tooth marks, thick and greasy moss, and even saprophytic moss, reflecting the dampness evil is very serious, this kind of patient starts the stage as far as possible to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment, reduces the unnecessary infusion. Wet evil entangled difficult to heal, excessive infusion will aggravate cold and dampness.

Avoid abuse of antibiotics because they are viral infections, unless combined with bacterial infection, it is not suitable for routine use of antibiotics. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, antibiotics are mostly cold products, easy to injure the spleen and stomach.

Academician Tong Xiaolin (second from left) learned about the situation of patients in the fever clinic of Wuhan No. 1 Hospital.

4. For patients with atypical symptoms, what should be paid attention to in prevention?

Tong Xiaolin: we should attach great importance to the prevention and control of some "novel coronavirus infected pneumonia" patients who do not have fever.

From beginning to end, some COVID-19 patients who did not have fever symptoms were easy to relax their vigilance in prevention and control. We found that some patients with fatigue, no fever for about a week, accompanied by mild cough, chest tightness, anorexia, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on, hair glass-like changes in the lungs after film.

5. "Health Daily": to prevent COVID-19, in addition to going out to wear masks, wash hands frequently and so on, is there any good way for traditional Chinese medicine?

Tong Xiaolin: moxibustion for the disease is "cold and wet", so we should be careful to use bitter cold medicine, the patient diet to avoid cold, eat warm diet. In addition to taking traditional Chinese medicine, there are some simple treatments for traditional Chinese medicine, such as moxibustion on Shenque, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Weiwan, Zusanli, etc., which can warm yang, dissipate cold and dehumidify, regulate the spleen and stomach, and improve the immune function of the body.

When we ate garlic in 2003, we ate garlic before we entered the ward. Allicin has antibacterial effect and has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on some viral infections. This is the experience we have accumulated during the SARS period, which can be used without illness.

Substitute tea drink recommended a simple cold and wet (plague) prescription: Su leaf 6 grams, patchouli leaf 6 grams, Chen Pei 9 grams, simmering grass fruit 6 grams, ginger 3 tablets (cold and wet heavy, ginger with 5 pieces). Fried soup instead of tea.

In the prevention of proprietary Chinese medicine, Huoxiang Zhengqi soft capsule (or water) can be used, the dose can be halved.