Traditional Chinese medicine, in this battle "epidemic", a powerful card

03 Mar 2020 07:39


On the evening of February 3, People's Daily released a "good news of the epidemic," allowing all traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to raise their eyebrows again and make the public shrouded in the epidemic feel that the dawn is coming.

"eight confirmed patients were discharged from the first ward of Nanlou Hospital in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital at the same time, and they were cured by traditional Chinese medicine or integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine! Of these, 6 were severe patients. "

In the face of virus panic, traditional Chinese medicine this time for everyone, but also for Wuhan medical workers to eat a reassuring pill.

On February 2, the medical treatment group of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command in Wuhan issued a circular requiring each designated medical institution to set up an expert group of traditional Chinese medicine treatment to treat each patient according to syndrome differentiation; by 24:00 on February 3, 2020, ensure that all patients take traditional Chinese medicine!

Cases of traditional Chinese Medicine treatment in various places

Some people say that traditional Chinese medicine did not disappoint us this time! In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has inherited thousands of years, in the history of the Chinese nation has a wealth of experience in fighting the plague, each plague attack, "low-key" traditional Chinese medicine plays a very important role.

In this popular novel coronavirus, on January 22, 2020, traditional Chinese medicine once again brightened the sword. The State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Health and Health Commission have given recommended prescriptions in the "novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment Plan (trial third Edition)" published by the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Health and Health Commission. On January 27, "novel coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial fourth edition)", for the first time determined the prescription drug composition and dose of traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan.

Then in the critical moment of the race with the virus, dialectical treatment as the core of traditional Chinese medicine intervention therapy, again and again with strength to prove themselves. In addition to Wuhan, there have also been cases of traditional Chinese medicine curing novel coronavirus patients, as well as the use of traditional Chinese medicine to effectively prevent the spread of plague good news.


The first case of novel coronavirus infected with pneumonia was mainly treated with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Guizhou traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau solicited treatment methods from the whole society and mobilized grass-roots TCM people to participate in the treatment. TCM experts found that traditional Chinese medicine plays an obvious role in relieving fever and other symptoms.


Traditional Chinese medicine doctors in Sichuan Meishan traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, according to the local climate characteristics and so on, have prescribed preventive prescriptions, and after they have been prepared, they have given them to the staff who fought in the front line.


Like Sichuan, Henan Pingdingshan traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital also sent traditional Chinese medicine to the front line of epidemic prevention. In addition, Kaifeng Tongxu County people's Hospital used traditional Chinese medicine therapy to recover two COVID-19 patients.

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region

Guangxi will use traditional Chinese medicine more thoroughly and widely. Tang Nong, president of Guangxi University of traditional Chinese Medicine and president of Guangxi University of traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview with the media. "'Western medicine treats diseases and Chinese medicine treats people'. Traditional Chinese medicine has its own characteristics and advantages in the prevention and control of diseases, and we are confident that we will give full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and control of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus."

Commissioned by the Guangxi Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, Tang Nong organized senior Chinese medicine experts from various parts of Guangxi to study and formulate two adult prescriptions for preventing COVID-19, namely, "Prevention of epidemic Lung recipe 1" and "Prevention of epidemic Lung recipe 2", as well as the "Child Disease Prevention Lung recipe" taken by children. It is reported that the above prescription is based on the basic principle of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of diseases, "syndrome differentiation and treatment", after repeated careful study and formulation. At the same time, reference is also made to a large number of first-hand information provided by experts in the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus's pneumonia in Wuhan. When the members of the expert group were also involved in the treatment of Guangxi cases, they fully understood the characteristics of novel coronavirus's disease through the "looking out" of traditional Chinese medicine, and synthesized the historical experience of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing and treating epidemic diseases, and targeted prescription use of drugs, and achieved good results.

At present, Guangxi has applied the research results to the treatment of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus. Tang Nong said that among the many patients diagnosed in Guangxi, all those who took traditional Chinese medicine had different degrees of improvement. On January 28, two cured patients in Guangxi were cured through the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.


Shanghai has also pushed the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine into the treatment of all patients.


Traditional Chinese medicine expert group access, pulse diagnosis, follow-up consultation, according to the changes of the disease to adjust the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, to achieve good results. Among them, 1 was cured and 17 were obviously improved.


One week after taking the traditional Chinese medicine preparation "pneumonia No. 1 recipe", the patient's body temperature returned to normal, and none of the patients became serious.


On February 2, Jiangsu Nanjing Health and Health Commission and Nanjing Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued the Circular on giving full play to the role of traditional Chinese Medicine in the Prevention and treatment of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus, emphasizing that we should attach great importance to the participation of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus infection.


On February 1, the Chongqing Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine organized experts to issue recommended prescriptions for the prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine suitable for the specific situation of Chongqing.

Pathology of traditional Chinese medicine

From these examples, it is not difficult to see that with the further deepening of the epidemic line of traditional Chinese medicine, there will be more and more good news. So why can traditional Chinese medicine play a role in the face of novel coronavirus?

Know the pathogenesis and re-regulate


We should know that we look at the world, there are different angles, different ways of thinking, the same is true of disease cognition, traditional Chinese and western medicine from their own different angles and ways of thinking to recognize and treat diseases.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the reason why people get sick can be simply divided into two major reasons: "internal" and "external". Internal reasons, can be simply said is the internal body of the five Zang-fu organs, qi and blood body fluid and other working ability has been reduced, traditional Chinese medicine has to find a way to restore their working ability. And external reasons, in addition to all kinds of trauma, there are some invisible substances and energy that affect our health, including bacteria and viruses that we all know.

The ancients have long discovered that the external factors that make us sick emerge in endlessly, for example, new viruses and bacteria are also constantly being discovered. Generation after generation of ancient doctors, according to clinical experience, discovered the laws of these pathogenic substances and energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and summed up the six qi of "wind, cold, summer, dampness, dryness and fire".

Six qi, with their own different styles of action, when they are in a normal state, will not harm our health, or even beneficial, when they are restless, they become the "six enemies" that hurt our bodies. According to the way they enter the body to destroy our body (the symptoms shown), to name them, respectively, "wind evil, cold evil, summer evil, dampness evil, dryness evil, fire evil" six enemies, Chinese medicine according to the characteristics of these enemies, and combined with each person's physique, give a specific treatment plan, so traditional Chinese medicine especially emphasizes one person and one side, personalized treatment. As a result, we can probably understand why in the face of novel coronavirus, traditional Chinese and western medicine can fight side by side to defeat this new enemy.

When the epidemic comes, first of all, think about the symptoms and characteristics of the plague. Tong Xiaolin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, once pointed out that COVID-19 is a "cold-dampness (plague) disease," and should be careful to use bitter and cold drugs and pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach. He had suggested that Huoxiang Zhengqi Powder, Shenzhu Powder, Da Yuan Yin and so on could be used in the early stage, Xuanbai Chengqi decoction, Huopu Xia Ling decoction and so on in the middle stage, Shenfu Sini decoction or Suhe Xiang pills in the late stage, Liujunzi soup and Lizhong soup in the recovery period.

When you know the pathogenesis, you know how to prevent it. Tong Xiaolin said that because the pathogenesis is mainly cold and dampness, attention should be paid to dispelling dampness and dispersing cold and strengthening the spleen and stomach when treating and preventing. Especially for people with deficiency of qi, deficiency of yang and dampness of phlegm. In life, eat more food to invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness, especially yam to replenish the spleen, lungs and kidneys, and you can also eat more: Coix seed, millet, lentil, chestnut, jujube, glutinous rice, soybean, lotus root, ginger and so on. In addition to paying attention to dispelling dampness and dispersing cold, we must not forget to clear away heat. This pneumonia also has dampness-heat syndrome. Some people's physique is yin deficiency, qi depression physique, the body is easy to get on fire, should pay attention to clear heat, prevent depressed heat endophyte, can eat more houttuynia cordata and burdock root in life, eat less nut and spicy food.

Analysis of treatment cases

Cold and dampness epidemic situation, the right medicine


Li Guangxi, director of the respiratory department of Guanganmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, said of COVID-19 that Western medicine has no definite curative effect at present. He advocates basic nutritional support treatment rather than excessive use of antibiotics and hormones. In this situation, he believes that traditional Chinese medicine must be in the main battlefield, and should be the first choice of traditional Chinese medicine anti-plague, for this cold and wet epidemic situation, he believes that sweat must be the first.

Through a number of front-line fighting doctors to describe "patients like paraquat, originally fine, slowly can not", and contact with a "new crown" patient living in Wuchang, Li Guangxi thought of using "Taiping Huimin and agents Bureau" ginseng poisoning powder.

Li Guangxi treated on January 22, 2020, due to fever (husband and wife at the same time, the wife's symptoms are mild), was diagnosed as COVID-19. The treatment plan is mosifloxacin plus hormone and so on. The patient had the basic disease of diabetes, and then the situation became worse and worse. When Li Guangxi was found, he had already febrile for 9 days. The body temperature often hovered above 38.5 ℃, the highest body temperature was 39.1 ℃ on February 1, the heart rate was 101 beats / min, and the oxygen saturation at the fingertip under the oxygen concentration 5L/min was only 87% (at least 95% of the normal person). When he was aware of abdominal fever, he coughed and gasped as soon as he moved. There were 1 and 2 times of watery stool at night and 4 times and 5 times of getting up at night.

The picture shows the tongue coating of the patient before treatment.

The picture shows the heart rate and finger oxygen saturation before treatment.

On February 1, Li Guangxi decisively chose a carefully considered prescription for the epidemic. The prescription was as follows: Qiang Huo 12g, Duhuo 12g, Bupleurum chinense 15g, Qianhu 10g, Fructus Aurantii 10g, Platycodon grandiflorum 10g, Ligusticum chuanxiong 15g, ginseng 15g, Poria cocos 20g, Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch 6g, Cuttlebone 20g, mint 6g, ginger 3 tablets, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 10g, Pinellia ternata 9g, Coptis chinensis 8g (there was no ginseng in the local ward, no ginseng leaves were used). Make it take frequently, 3 times a day. He expected the patient to have a fever of about two days, and unexpectedly, when the half-side medicine went down, the patient was still. Under the same oxygen supply condition, the oxygen saturation at the finger end can reach 93% and the heart rate is more than 80 beats / min.

The picture shows the tongue coating of the patient after treatment.

The patients were followed up on February 3. Most of the patients felt comfortable and their blood oxygen saturation was 99. They were about to be discharged from hospital. As far as Western medicine was concerned, the patients who were already in trouble came out in this way. Of course, after taking this prescription, the most important feature is sweating, natural evil with sweating, the rest is slowly recuperating the trend of collecting work.

Li Guangxi later added and subtracted the prescription. If he was used as a universal drug, he suggested taking: Qiangxu 12g, Duhuo 12g, Bupleurum chinense 15g, Qianhu 10g, Fructus Aurantii 10g, Platycodon grandiflorum 10g, Ligusticum chuanxiong 15g, ginseng 15g, Poria umbering 20g, licorice 6g, chicken gold 20g, cuttlebone 20g, mint 6g, ginger 3 tablets. He said that if unfortunately suffering from the plague, there is no need to panic, older than 45 years of age or weak physique suggest that everyone take this prescription as soon as possible.

The treatment efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine is more than 90%.

On February 6, 2020, the official website of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine released the pilot provincial clinical observation on "the screening and Research of effective prescription of traditional Chinese Medicine". The clinical observation showed that the total effective rate of Qingfei Paidu decoction could reach more than 90%.

Thus it can be seen that COVID-19 has its own advantages in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and all over the world have begun to attach importance to the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. The powerful figure of "the effective rate of treatment is more than 90%" shows that in this "war epidemic", traditional Chinese medicine has updated a powerful card to support the reproduction of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

I hope the society can give more trust to traditional Chinese medicine, but also hope that traditional Chinese and western medicine can work together to fight against epidemic virus, so as to benefit more patients and eliminate the epidemic situation as soon as possible!

Article: Guo Dan

Editor: Huang Panlian

Audit: Ye Dong