Heavy moisture, constipation, irregular menstruation

26 Mar 2020 09:15

Female, born in Hengyang, Hunan Province, on the first day of the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in 1990.

Self-report: heavy moisture, constipation, skin pruritus, irregular menstruation.

Write out the life password for it:


Geng noon


C Chen


Gui Wei (2013 / 2023)

Wuxu (2018)

Four columns:

Three fires rest

Lack of wood prisoners

Die of water

One metallographic phase

Three soil prosperity

Five columns:

Three fires are short of wood, two water, one gold and five soils.

Six columns:

Four fires lack wood, one water, one gold, six soils.


The life of the Lord C fire, four columns of pure yang, prosperity, positive physique, hot and humid physique. Among the four columns, the soil is prosperous, and the soil gas is getting heavier and heavier. Three soils and one gold, and the soil is prosperous and the gold is sunk. Gold lung, large intestine, skin, so the daily Lord all the year round constipation and skin pruritus.

A water died, by Sanwang soil directly and three fire countergram, water is also injured. Water for blood, for the uterus and reproductive system, so the woman's menstruation is not adjusted.

The three soils are prosperous, and the soil and gas are wet, so the woman often feels wet and sleepy.

Then look at its five columns, six columns, in the dry sky, Wuji into fire, ground branches at noon into soil (autumn). Fire and earth gas, more and more exuberant, gold water continues to be injured.

Conditioning principles:

Yang is Yin. Take gold as the king, water as the minister, wood as the minister.

Specific approaches:

1. Private order five elements of balanced health tea.

2. Diet advice.

3. Personal feng shui conditioning.

4. The five elements of the law of acceptance.

After conditioning, the woman's original problems were improved one by one and returned to normal.

Li Yicheng, the inheritor of Taoist ancient Chinese medicine, has joined the Himalayan FM radio station and will continue to teach the five lines of balanced health care therapy of Taoist ancient traditional Chinese medicine.