Discussion on the Real causes of Obesity from the Perspective of traditional Chinese Medicine

26 Mar 2020 10:20

Obesity, which leads to premature death, disability, impact on the quality of life and increase the financial burden and health expenditure of the government, has become a major global public health problem.

Weight loss has always been the tiring pursuit of contemporary men and women, the market weight loss products emerge in endlessly, we can see that the weight loss market is becoming more and more popular.

Western medicine believes that obesity can be divided into two categories: simple obesity and continuous obesity.

Secondary obesity is caused by disease. Simple obesity is a kind of obesity caused by non-disease. It is divided into physical obesity and overeating obesity.

Overeating obesity, also known as acquired obesity, is due to conscious or unconscious excessive diet after adulthood, so that the intake of calories greatly exceeds the needs of body growth and activity, excess calories into fat, promote fat cell hypertrophy and cell number increase, fat accumulation resulting in obesity.

Traditional Chinese medicine has its own unique advantages in the understanding and treatment of obesity. Through the theoretical exploration and clinical practice of past doctors, there has been a relatively complete understanding of the etiological classification and syndrome differentiation and treatment of obesity.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the formation of obesity is related to innate endowment, overeating and fat, neglecting work, excessive seven emotions, deficiency of spleen and stomach, dampness of phlegm and drinking water, etc. "dampness, phlegm, deficiency" are the main inducement.

1. Disorderly diet

Poor diet is an important cause of obesity. Eat more sweet, gradually accumulate into paste fat; or diet abstinence, day by day damage spleen and stomach, water grain essence can not normal movement, resulting in muscle reduction and fat increase, stay in the skin, viscera and fat and become obese. Many ancient Chinese medicine has shown that eating sweet and greasy, thick taste fat sweet, wine Li tea soup, raw cold melon and fruit can lead to excess fine substances and cause obesity.

two。 Phlegm turbid water dampness

Phlegm turbid water dampness is closely related to the occurrence of obesity. Obese people eat more paste Liang thick taste, day long will lead to spleen deficiency, spleen deficiency is not the main transport, if more alcohol, it is bound to phlegm dampness endophysis, dampness accumulation.

3. Good and easy to work less

If you eat too much fat, but also neglect to work and exercise, or even sit for a long time lying down, so that the body nutrition can not be consumed, day by day will accumulate into fat. And "long lying injury qi, sedentary injury meat", qi injury is deficiency, meat injury spleen damage, qi deficiency spleen damage transport loss, metabolic disorders, fat paste phlegm turbid accumulation of obesity.

4. Zang-fu maladjustment

Both men and women, with the increase of age, prone to viscera qi and blood disorders, obesity also increased the probability. The material and energy metabolism of human body is related to the function of Zang-fu organs, especially with the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, the main reception, maturity, transportation, absorption and distribution, is to maintain the normal metabolism of human nutrients. After middle age, the function of spleen and stomach transportation gradually decreased, the transformation function of fat sweet and thick taste was also gradually weakened, the essence of water valley could not be transformed and transported, accumulated in the body for phlegm dampness and turbid, overflowing torso, plus good quietness and less movement after old age, the body gradually became obese. Five grains into the stomach, need to rely on the spleen and stomach fitness in order to be transformed into subtle substances, if the spleen and stomach deficiency damage, transport dereliction of duty, water valley fat sweet things can not change the essence of life, but into phlegm turbid accumulation in the body, resulting in body obesity.

Treatment of obesity by traditional Chinese medicine:

Syndrome differentiation and treatment is the core of TCM therapy, the treatment of obesity should also emphasize syndrome differentiation and treatment, it has the advantages of strong pertinence, taking into account complications, small toxic and side effects, flexible prescription, fast effect, good effect and so on.

1. Overeating obesity type

This type of person has a strong appetite and can temporarily lose weight if he can make a mandatory diet, but once he can't control his appetite, he will bounce back and is likely to be fatter than ever before.

In fact, the common problem of "overeating" is that there is fire, so through the use of traditional Chinese medicine, it can play the effect of extinguishing fire and clearing intestines. At the same time, the weight will also be reduced.

Prescription: Fangfeng Tongsheng Powder. This drug can eliminate stomach fire, inhibit hyperactivity, and improve metabolic function, can accumulate in the body of excess energy into body heat dissipation.

Prescription function: detoxification, hypotension, self-cultivation.

Weight loss recipe: Fangfeng Tongsheng Powder (see "Treatise on febrile Diseases" for details)

Xuanming prescription: Fangfeng (five points) Ligusticum chuanxiong (5 points) Angelica (5 points) Paeonia lactiflora (5 points) rhubarb (5 points) menthol leaves (5 points) ephedra (5 points) Forsythia forsythia (5 points) plaster (1 yuan) Platycodon grandiflorum (1 yuan) Glycyrrhiza uralensis (two points and half points) Gardenia jasminoides (two points and half points) Atractylodes macrocephala (two and a half points)

two。 Stress obesity type

Obesity caused by stress is also known as "liver and stomach depression and heat obesity." Excessive stress liver (the "liver" of traditional Chinese medicine not only has the liver function of western medicine, but also the function of central nervous system, self-discipline nervous system and motor nervous system). It will even affect the stomach, make the stomach febrile, appetite abnormally exuberant.

This type of person, as soon as the mood is irritable, will appear appetite exuberant, headache, eye congestion and so on symptom. Some girls, when they are stressed and upset, eat sweets hard, which can be said to be typical of this kind of people.

Such obese people can take Dachaihu soup. These drugs can inhibit the overreaction of stress, eliminate irritability and inhibit the abnormal excitement of digestive organs.

Prescription function: treatment of Shaoyang, Yangming disease, cold and hot, chest and hypochills full, nausea, depression and slight annoyance, subcardiac ruffian hard or full pain, stool secret knot, or coordinated heat, tongue moss yellow, pulse string powerful.

Weight loss recipe: Dachaihu decoction

"Treatise on febrile Diseases": Bupleurum, Pinellia ternata, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, Paeonia lactiflora, Ginger, Jujube, Fructus Aurantii, Rhubarb.

3. Edema and obesity type

Also known as "phlegm dampness contains obesity", buttocks and thighs are swollen, that is, the "lower body fat" crowd. This is due to the poor drainage function of the body, excess water accumulation in the body caused by obesity.

Main symptoms: general appetite, but weak hands and feet; do not like exercise; after dinner all over soft want to lie down; mouth sticky; urine failure; easy to break the stomach; wake up in the morning when the eyes are swollen and so on.

Prescription: Fangfeng Tongsheng Powder and Weiling decoction. The role of urine and weight loss.

Prescription function: clear away heat and dry dampness, invigorate spleen dryness dampness, and medium beneficial water.

Weight loss recipe: Weiling decoction (see "Treatise on febrile Diseases" for details)

Surgical authentic volume IV: Fangfeng, Atractylodes macrocephala, Atractylodes macrocephala, red Poria umbellus, Chen Pei, Magnolia officinalis, Polyporus umbellatus, Shanzhi, Aristolochia orientalis, talc, licorice and cinnamon each.

4. Anemia and obesity type

Poor blood type obesity, also known as "blood deficiency obesity." Because of the shortage of blood in the body, the basic function of the body is decreased, and the metabolic function is abnormal, which eventually leads to obesity. The characteristics of this kind of person: the appetite is normal, but the belly is full and prominent, the hands and feet are thin but the body is fat, that is to say, "stealing fat".

Symptomatic prescription: Siwu decoction and Xiaojian decoction, which have the effect of replenishing blood.

Prescription function: replenish blood and blood, regulate meridians and remove blood stasis.

Diet recipe: Siwu decoction

"Taiping Huimin mixture Bureau": Angelica sinensis (go to Lu. Soak in wine. Fried), Ligusticum chuanxiong, Paeonia lactiflora, cooked Rehmannia glutinosa (sprinkling wine. Steam), equal to each other.

5. Tired and obese type

Because of the lack of "vitality" (that is, life energy), this kind of obese people lead to the decline of digestive function, abnormal metabolism, lack of appetite, improper eating but like to eat snacks.

Main symptoms: easy fatigue; love sweating and asthma as soon as you move; fear of cold love colds; urination frequency; swollen eye bubbles and so on.

The right medicine: Xiangsha Liuzi decoction. It has the function of restoring "vital energy", improving the function of digestive organs and making the metabolism of the body normal. The unnecessary substances accumulated in the body can be burned and discharged side by side to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Prescription function: replenish qi and invigorate spleen, carry out qi and dissipate phlegm. The main treatment of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, phlegm block qi stagnation syndrome. Vomiting ruffian stuffy, do not think about diet, abdominal distension and pain, emaciation burnout, or qi deficiency and swelling.

Weight loss recipe: Xiangsha Liuzi decoction

"Ancient and modern famous medicine prescription theory": ginseng one money, Atractylodes macrocephala two money, Poria cocos two money, licorice seven points, Chen Pei eight points, Pinellia ternata one money, Amomum villosum eight points, Mu Xiang seven points.