Traditional Chinese Medicine Tai Dou Liu Duzhou: on the method of self-study of traditional Chinese Medicine

26 Mar 2020 08:03

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Now let's talk about self-study. Self-study is the only way for every scientist. Because we can't live with teachers all our lives, we should take our own road of struggle.

However, self-study must emphasize methods, there must be a practical plan, and if necessary, someone must point out one or two points.

Self-study also needs conditions, the main thing is to have time to ensure, to compete against the clock, cherish time, to have the necessary reference books and reference books, if there are conditions to go to the library, that is the ideal.

There are three taboos in self-study.

A taboo floating: refers to the self-study person, the heart is not dedicated, can not go deep into the book, just glancing through the light and glancing, of course, this kind of learning is nothing to say;

Second taboo chaos: refers to the self-study person, does not have a complete study plan and the step, reads this book one after another, reads another book, seems to fly the water. This kind of disorder, there is no systematic study, but also "learn nothing";

Three taboos fear difficulties: refers to the self-study of the person, in the process of self-study, some of the content can not be seen, there have been difficulties. Who does not know, where they do not understand, is also a specific reflection of the lack of knowledge. If we do not drill deep into the depths of the nail spirit in order to solve it, but fear difficulties and abandon themselves, we will certainly waste our efforts and give up halfway. Remember the ancients urged people to learn, say a lot of proverbs and quotes, such as "stone pestle rust needle, work to the natural", "as soon as the spirit arrived, iron stone for open", "without turning through the cold bone, how to get plum blossoms smelly", all explain a truth, that is, only by persisting in learning two people who are not afraid of difficulties, can we win the final victory.

In this spirit, I work hard to encourage myself, cold and summer continue to learn the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. I have read a lot of famous medical works, such as Jin, Yuan and Qing Dynasty typhoid fans, febrile pathologists and other representative works of the Ming and Qing dynasties, so that my horizons are wide open and my knowledge continues to improve.

The relationship between "Learning" and "using"

The purpose of learning the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is to guide the clinic to solve the problems of disease prevention and treatment. Therefore, in the study, there is a problem of the unity of theory and practice. Why did Chen Xiuyuan, a Qing, advocate seeing a doctor during the day and reading at night? It is just an emphasis on the application of learning and the combination of learning and using. I like a paragraph that Kong Ming said to Cheng Deshu, a counselor of Soochow, when he spoke to Cheng Deshu, a counselor of Soochow in Romance of the three Kingdoms. He said, "if you are a scholar of a small man, he specializes in calligraphy, youth, and Haofa Sutra. Although there are thousands of words in his works, there is really nothing to do in his chest." Although the day is full of thousands of words, how can you take it? "

Kong Ming here ridiculed those who read more than become their economic knowledge, even though they chanted all day long, but had nothing to do with the facts. Learning traditional Chinese medicine is also the most taboo on paper. It should be noted that no matter any famous work, there are two problems, which need to be tested in practice and developed in practice. If you leave practice, it is likely to lead to blind worship or rough negation. We are firmly opposed to this style of study.

Sum up the above content, that is: learn traditional Chinese medicine first from the study of classical works, do not be afraid of difficulties, to have a little spirit; second, for the important original text of traditional Chinese medicine and soup, medicine and singing formula, we should not only understand its meaning, but also memorize its text, do not recite a little book, there is no time to speak; Third, to change passive learning into active learning and liberate from passive learning, self-study is not an expedient measure, but a lifelong practice; fourth, it is necessary to establish a good style of study that combines learning with practice and applies to learning, which is even more important to traditional Chinese medicine.

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