Bachelor degree from the University of Sydney

26 Mar 2020 10:06

The graduation rate of the University of Sydney is about 83%, and the graduation situation of the students is still very good. As long as you study hard and have a correct attitude, it is no problem to graduate smoothly. The graduates of the school have some practical work experience before they leave the school, and have the ability to transition quickly, confidently and smoothly from the classroom to employment.

Application conditions for undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney

Education requirements: to complete the preparatory course of Taylor College, GPA of more than 6.9, or with Chinese college entrance examination results and at least exceed the local level of college entrance examination;

English requirements: minimum requirement IELTS 6.5 points, no less than 6.0 points per class, TOEFL 577

Bachelor's degree at the University of Sydney for a few years

Li Sichen study abroad, the undergraduate system of the University of Sydney is generally divided into 1-6 years, will be determined according to the major chosen by the students. The major system of pedagogy (international education) of the University of Sydney is one year, most of the undergraduate majors are three years (such as business, liberal arts, science and computer science, etc.), a small number of undergraduate majors are 4 years (such as engineering, law, education, etc.), the architecture major is 5 years, and the medical major is generally 6 years.