Scan the QR code and identify the documents.

26 Mar 2020 09:30

With the development of Internet finance, more and more Internet finance companies have launched their own financial APP,. These APP are related to the input authentication of personal ID card information. If you manually enter ID card numbers and names, the speed is very slow, and the user experience is very poor. In order to improve the speed and accuracy of inputting ID card information on the mobile phone mobile terminal,

Mobile ID card OCR recognition SDK emerges as the times require, he supports the mainstream Android, iOS platform, in order to meet the application needs of identity card recognition in various industries, and bring better experience to users. Financial APP integrates this ID card OCR recognition SDK into APP, which can scan and identify ID card information with mobile phone camera. The whole process is not more than three seconds. The customer information will not be stored and displayed on the mobile phone. It is safe and convenient, and the user experience is very good.

Product description of OCR Identification Software for Mobile ID Card

Mobile ID card OCR recognition SDK is an ID card recognition application based on mobile platform, which supports Android and iOS mobile operating system. The product uses mobile phone, tablet computer camera to take identity card images, and then through OCR software to identify and extract ID card information.

Advantages of OCR recognition of Mobile ID Card

1. The recognition rate is high and the recognition speed is fast: the recognition rate of ID card is as high as 99%, and the recognition speed is less than 1 second.

2. Support the identification of a variety of documents: can identify the second generation ID card, driver's license, driving permit, passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass and so on;

3, scan the QR code, identify the information: use video recognition, like scanning QR code, scan to identify ID card;

4. It can run on Android, iOS system and other mobile devices, and realize another leap in the field of OCR technology.

5. Provide a variety of interface calls: at present, it provides WebService, Rest Service, Http and other interface modes.

Mobile ID Card OCR recognizes the characteristic function of SDK

6. Support 180 degrees and 90 degrees automatic rotation function;

7. Support the cutting edge of complex background (such as holding identity card in hand);

8. Support the function of automatic tilt correction and improve the recognition rate.

9. After the recognition results, the rules are added to the recognition results and the recognition rate is improved.

Introduction to the function of OCR Identification Software for Mobile ID Card

1. Through the photo interface, guide the user to take out the qualified ID card image;

2. (OCR) technology is used to automatically extract ID card information (such as name, ID card number, address, etc.) and avatar.

3. The types of identification documents include identity cards, driver's licenses, passports, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan certificates, military management certificates, business cards, as well as vehicle information such as driving permits, motor vehicle VIN codes, etc.

4. Provide Android development JAR package, ios provide static library. A file

Configuration requirements of OCR Identification Software for Mobile ID Card

5. Operating system: support Android4.0, iOS7.0 and above systems;

6. Hardware configuration: above ARM Cortex-A7, 1G RAM;

7. Camera: support autofocus (important), support micro-range shooting, more than 2 million pixels;

8. Setup takes up space, 8MBytes.

Mobile ID card OCR identification software shooting specification (standard shooting helps to improve the recognition rate)

1. Light, pay attention to the influence of light when shooting, try to avoid reflecting light and dark shadow as far as possible;

2. Angle, do not tilt the shooting angle too large, so as not to cause serious variation of the image;

3. Background, less background (that is, ID card full of pictures) or simple background, can improve the recognition rate;

4. Focus, focus clearly, avoid unclear text.

From the real name registration of mobile phone to the real name of payment account, to the real name of App registration, the Internet life of real name system has been getting closer and nearer. The application of OCR recognition technology of mobile ID card makes the application of real name system more convenient, faster, improves the user experience, and solves the tedious input problem for people.