Black shark 3 has been released, two words "delicious."

26 Mar 2020 11:32

On March 3, Black Shark Technology, together with Tencent Games, officially released the first 5G game phone in the 5G era, Tencent Black Shark Game phone, which is equipped with a new Qualcomm 865 mobile platform. Through Tencent Games's deep customization and the strong technological innovation ability of black shark technology, the newly released Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 series products have achieved an all-round upgrade in the game experience.

On the processor side, Tencent Black Shark Game phone 3 will be equipped with Qualcomm 865 latest mobile platform and high-speed memory combination of LPDDR5 and UFS 3.0. with the dual optimization of 5G and WiFi 6, Black Shark Game phone 3 will undoubtedly be a veritable player. In the game optimization, the Tencent black shark game phone 3 with black shark GameEngine and Tencent SolarCore dual engine, for the game may appear in the Carton scene for fine performance tuning, further optimize the player game experience. The joint training of the two sides in software and hardware has also brought more surprises to the new plane, including "Arena of Valor", "Game for Peace" and other Tencent head games. We believe that many players use black shark mobile phones to play games, experience must be exploding, the game experience has skyrocketed.

It is worth mentioning that the Tencent Black Shark Game phone 3 series uses 90Hz high refresh rate screen, which really covers the high frame rate display function of most mainstream games while taking into account the high definition picture quality performance of the game, which not only ensures the continuation of the game, but also provides a more smooth and smooth visual experience for the vast number of players.

In terms of screen, the black shark game phone 3 uses a 6.67 inch AMOLED screen that supports 90Hz refresh rate, while the black shark game phone 3 Pro uses a 7.1 inch super large screen, which is more suitable for playing games. For pheasant, it is more suitable for multi-finger operation, the game technology can not be improved, in addition, the screen parameters are 2K + resolution + 90Hz refresh rate, at the same time, support 10bit color depth display. And has passed the HDR10+ certification and the German Rhine low blue light eye protection certification, in the display effect has the outstanding performance.

At this press conference, the black shark game phone mainly introduced the black shark mobile phone heat dissipation system, as a flagship game phone for the game, heat dissipation can be described as a family skill. The black shark game mobile phone at this press conference uses the "sandwich" liquid cooling system, all the heat sources are covered, to achieve the real whole body heat dissipation of the mobile phone, can be said to be the overall heat dissipation effect, we are also looking forward to the experience. In addition, the black shark 3 also uses positive and negative double-sided liquid cooling, the total length is about 186mm liquid cooling pipe, compared with the previous generation, the heat source area heat dissipation area has been fully increased by 100%, can be described as very powerful, in all mobile phones, dare to say that the heat dissipation effect is absolutely first-class, after all, it is a game phone tailored to the game.

Finally, in terms of price, Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 minimum price of 3499 yuan, Tencent black shark game phone 3 Pro version of the minimum price of 4699 yuan. At present, Tencent Black Shark Game Mobile phone 3 has been pre-sold online in Black Shark Mall, Xiaomi Mall, Mall and other e-commerce stores, and will be officially sold in the above-mentioned mall on March 6. Tencent Black Shark Game phone 3 Pro will be pre-sold on March 10 and its debut on March 17.

In terms of mobile phone selection, I also recommend 12 ≤ 256 Pro version, Pro version has all the machine keys, 2k screen, as well as laser focus, performance bar, game experience is stronger, I personally think, in this black shark mobile phone launch, 12 ≤ 256 Pro version is more fragrant, more "charming", don't you think?