Mr. Nan Huaijin: Western medicine saves lives and traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases.

25 Feb 2020 07:21

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Good news! On February 17, Li Yu, director of the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, said at a news conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that Qingfei Paidu decoction had a good curative effect on COVID-19.

Under the condition of obtaining 214 clinical effective data, the State Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued a letter to promote the use of Qingfei Paidu decoction to the whole country.

On February 17, the Joint Defense and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference.

According to a news released by the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine on February 6, according to pilot projects in many provinces, the total effective rate of Qingfei Paidu decoction in the treatment of new pneumonia is more than 90 percent.

What is the prescription of Qingfei Paidu decoction? How do I take it? According to the joint circular issued by the State Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine on February 6, we can be summarized as follows

1. Prescription combination of Qingfei Paidu decoction

Qingfei Paidu decoction comes from the classical prescription combination of traditional Chinese medicine, including Maxing Shigan decoction, Shegan mahuang decoction, Xiaochaihu decoction, Wuling powder, sexual taste is peaceful.

II. Prescription composition and administration

III. Scope of application

Combined with the clinical observation of doctors in many places, this prescription is suitable for mild, ordinary and severe patients, and can be reasonably used in the treatment of critically ill patients according to the actual situation of patients.

Fang Fang supported by the official of traditional Chinese Medicine

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Chinese medicine as pseudoscience on social media such as Weibo. Many people in China have been deceived by this fallacy and have been fooling around.

In recent days, traditional Chinese medicine has been supported by the official.

On 13 February, the meeting of the leading Group of the Central Committee in response to the epidemic situation in COVID-19 called for:

Strengthen the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, promote the whole process of deep interventional diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, # popularize effective prescription and proprietary Chinese medicine in time


In fact, the introduction of western medicine into China has been a matter since modern times, and in the thousands of years of Chinese civilization history that western medicine has not been introduced into our country, traditional Chinese medicine has always played the mission of saving the lives of the Chinese people, maintaining the health of the Chinese people and continuing the Chinese civilization.

How should modern people objectively and dialectically look at the future development of traditional Chinese and western medicine? Let's listen to the insights of two old gentlemen, Nan Huaijin, the master of traditional Chinese medicine, and Deng Tietao, the master of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine, which has benefited the oriental human society for three thousand years

Lose confidence because of the psychological inferiority complex of the Chinese people

Modern science has promoted the development of mechanical industry and brought a high degree of material civilization to human beings, but the skills and learning of safeguarding human survival security and living happiness have not been able to keep pace with the progress of science. If the medical development of saving the world and saving people is far less rapid and urgent than the rapid and urgent harm to human beings by scientific weapons.

Especially in China, since the beginning of this century, under the attack of European style and beautiful rain, Chinese medicine, which originally benefited the oriental human society for 3,000 years, lost its confidence because of its psychological inferiority and cast doubt on it, so that the essence of its connotation was taken away by western medicine and collapsed.

In fact, East and West medicine, each has its own length, but Chinese medicine lacks the scientific spirit, and the scientific methods of collation, incomplete, self-use, so that the formation of the secret of the family, and can not be publicized as an open and universal academic to help the world, failed to promote the innovation of medicine at any time.

Today, no matter which kind of academic knowledge, it is necessary to break away the views of the door, and gather each other's strengths in order to make a new contribution to human happiness.

General remarks on Chinese Culture (Updated)

Traditional Chinese medicine regards people as people, while western medicine regards people as objects.

Life, western medicine has reached the scientific realm, but still do not understand the function of "qi". At present, the popular study of acupuncture and moxibustion in the United States, the study of traditional Chinese medicine, still do not understand this function. Western pathology, focusing on bacteria, is now also studying viruses, which is still based on materialistic thinking. The pathology of eastern China, whether bacteria or not, is built on the abstract "gas". Because of the decline of gas, it forms a disease. Western antibiotics tend to trap gas. I often tell my friends that Western medicine can only save lives when it is urgent and can not cure diseases. After treatment, Western medicine will go to a famous Chinese medicine department to cultivate qi and replenish the body.

Because I have a lot of friends in western medicine and often divide them into two schools, I tell them that the original basis of western medicine was the materialistic philosophy of the west. The scientific experiment of western medicine is based on animals and machinery. A lot of mice, monkeys and rabbits are used to do experiments in the invention of medicine. As a result, western medicine forgets a basic, it regards the patient as something, because it is materialistic. So I said I won't go to the hospital all my life. I know it very well, so I'll never go there. A patient is just a thing! They do the same to monkeys and mice.

Otherwise, the fundamental basis of traditional Chinese medicine is the philosophy of ancient China. Like when I was a child, my teacher was a traditional Chinese medicine. As soon as the patient came in, he said, "close the window, put the account away, and cover him with the quilt." Tell him to take his hand out and touch it slowly, and then prescribe the medicine. After the patient takes it, he still sits next to him. "I think I'll sweat for two hours." Wait until you sweat and say, "all right!" Don't take this medicine, that one should be cooked as soon as possible. " Traditional Chinese medicine is to treat people as people, Western medicine is to look at people as things, this is true! If this makes me run a hospital, I have to improve it!

Seven days of Southern Zen

I have always advocated that western medicine should save lives and that traditional Chinese medicine should treat diseases.

If we read medical books, we use them completely according to medical books, ah, regardless of the western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, sometimes there is something wrong with it. Therefore, I often say that one year I went to the National Defense Medical College to give a speech. I told them that you tried your best to scold western medicine and western medicine to scold traditional Chinese medicine. Neither of them understood. I have always advocated Western medicine for saving lives and treating diseases with traditional Chinese medicine.

When the emergency stomach bleeding, this blood is sprayed, that has been dehydrated, you said that the traditional Chinese medicine slowly cooked to wait for it to go down, it is called to take a disk away, called Nirvana, that is still too late ah? At that time, we had to get an injection quickly, and the life was saved. And you said, Oh, I don't believe in western medicine, so you lost your head.

However, after saving some diseases, ah, there are often problems with western medicine. Because the medicine gets sick, it must be nurtured by a very clever traditional Chinese medicine. This recuperation is very difficult. I say that each has its own strengths. However, some emergency times, Western medicine can not save, Chinese medicine saved, ah, that is to see whether you are knowledgeable or not.

Lecture on the Shurangama Sutra

When I was in Taiwan, I spoke to the medical profession. At Yangming Medical College, the government founded it. At that time, Sun Yat-sen's grandson was the president of Sun Yat-sen, and he was a western medicine student studying in Germany. When I came up, I was happy to criticize western medicine, and I also criticized traditional Chinese medicine.

Then I say, you western doctors should not object to traditional Chinese medicine. They all say that others are not scientific and superstitious. You have not studied it. What is superstition? If you don't know what you don't know, you have made a mistake, that is, superstition. If you don't know what you don't know, if you criticize it, you are superstition.

Traditional Chinese medicine, uh, should not belittle western medicine. The Chinese people have two words, "drugs can cure fake diseases, alcohol does not understand the real worry", really worry about drinking useless; "medicine can cure false diseases", regardless of traditional Chinese medicine western medicine, you can cure any undead disease, to the time of real death, no one can help, you should not think who is great, avatar, special functions can not save death.

"the preface at the beginning of the 21st century"

Interview with Deng Tietao, Master of Chinese Medicine: shouting for traditional Chinese Medicine

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