Taoism and Tea

26 Mar 2020 08:46

Taoism and tea have an inextricable complex. Taoist spiritual practice pays attention to the nature of Taoist law, the unity of heaven and man, and pays attention to respect for life, noble students, forgotten to sit, and lack of self. These monks integrated Taoist thought into tea drinking and had a long influence on the tea ceremony.

Taoism in the Tang Dynasty has a prosperous development, in the history books, but also recorded Taoist tea, let's take a look at it!

Taoism is a native sectarian in China, its source can be traced back to Li er and Zhuang Zhou's "Lao Zhuang philosophy" in the Spring and Autumn period. As a result of the advocacy and support of the Li and Tang dynasties, Taoism flourished in the Tang Dynasty and gained the same prominent position as Buddhism. In fact, Taoist tea events should be said to be earlier than Buddhism. Lu Yu's Tea Sutra "Seven things" has many records of Taoist drinking tea:

The Book of search God: "Xia Hou-Kai died of illness. When Xia Hou-Kai died of illness, he saw ghosts and gods, saw Kay come to pick up horses, and was ill with his wife." when he sat in the big bed of the west wall when he was born, he looked for tea and drink. "

Yu Yao Yu Hong, a native of Yuyao, went into the mountain to collect tea, met a Taoist, led three green cattle, and led the flood to Pubushan, saying,'to Dan Qiuzi, too. Wen Zi is good at drinking and often thinks about it. There is big tea in the mountain, you can give it to you, and pray that you will have Ougong in the future and beg for each other. 'after setting up a sacrifice, you often make your family enter the mountain and get a big tea. "

Kettle scholar "eat taboo": "bitter tea, eat feather for a long time." Eating with leeks makes people weigh. "

"the old biography of Guangling people": "when Emperor Jin Yuan, there was an old grandmother who brought a single piece of tea every day and died in the world. The city people competed for it, and its equipment did not abate from the end of the day to the end of the day." The money is scattered by the side of the road alone and poor beggars, people or people are different. In the prison banned by the state law and Cao, at night, the old woman flew out of the prison house. "

Tao Hongjing "miscellaneous record": "bitter tea light body change bone, Qidanqiu, Huangshan monarch to take it."

In the eyes of Taoist people, drinking tea can feather into immortals, not only for the living, but also for the dead. Taoism advocates cleanliness and inaction, goes away from dust and vulgarity, and returns to simplicity to seek the preservation of life and the freedom of life. From the tea ceremony, they found the way to return to nature and nourish heaven, so they were also keen on tea, and introduced the concepts of transcendence, tranquility, nothingness and so on into tea drinking.

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