"inheriting the essence of keeping the right and innovating"-- the 2019 Beijing Forum on inheritance of traditional Chinese Medicine was held in Beijing

27 Mar 2020 11:44

On December 7, the "2019 Beijing Forum on the inheritance of traditional Chinese Medicine", sponsored by the Beijing Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine and hosted by the working Committee of Teachers, was held in Liaoning Mansion, Beijing. The Congress invited the master of Chinese medicine, the famous master of Chinese medicine in the capital, Yanjing medical schools and their inheritors to the venue. This grass headlines hit the scene directly to bring you the latest trend of this forum.

Wang Guowei, vice president of the Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, presided over the opening ceremony. Cao Zhenggui, secretary of the Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University and vice president of the Chinese Medical Association, Yang Rongchen, deputy director of the Policy and Law Supervision Department of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, and tu Zhitao, director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered the opening ceremony one after another. The opening ceremony issued the fifth batch of excellent courses on the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine and launched the Yanjing Medical Research Project.

Forum on the theme of "the way of National Medicine"

Lu Zhizheng, master of Chinese medicine, delivered a speech for the theme forum of "the way of National Medicine". Jiang Quan, director of Rheumatology Department of Guanganmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, shared "academic thought and clinical experience of Chinese medicine master Lu Zhizheng Rheumatology".

After a brief speech by Chai Songyan, a master of Chinese medicine, Teng Xiuxiang, director of Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University, issued "the academic thought of Chai Songyan, master of national medicine".

Jin Shiyuan, a master of Chinese medicine, taught "the rational use of proprietary Chinese Medicine named after Niuhuang".

The theme link of "the inheritance of famous artists"

In the theme of "the inheritance of famous scholars", Zhang Hongchun, Department of traditional Chinese Medicine, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, shared with you the experience of Professor Chao Enxiang, a master of Chinese medicine, in the treatment of lung diseases.

Professor Zhang Bing, School of traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of traditional Chinese Medicine, taught "inheriting and carrying forward Innovation-being the Torchbearer for inheriting the Fire of traditional Chinese Medicine".

"academic origin" link

Professor Wang Jian of Anhui University of traditional Chinese Medicine discussed in the link of "academic origin", "Let the traditional wisdom take into account our future-the characteristics and modern inheritance of Xinan Medical School".

The link of "True Story of Room Station"

In the "True Story of the Room Station", Liu Juan spoke on behalf of Jiang Liangduo's nominal inheritance workstation, Li Yan spoke on behalf of du Huitang's famous old Chinese medicine studio, Tang Jinyang spoke on behalf of Fang Dingya's old Chinese medicine studio, and Ding governing the country spoke on behalf of Li Naiqing's old traditional Chinese medicine studio.

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