Ningjin County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine once again sounded the charge of "improving the Service ability of traditional Chinese Medicine"

28 Mar 2020 10:46

On February 28, on the fourth floor of the outpatient clinic of Ningjin County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, a working meeting on "carrying forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine to enhance the service ability of traditional Chinese medicine" was held. The directors of clinical and medical technical departments and head nurses attended separately, presided over by President Li Zhigang.

Li Zhigang said that the current situation is the key period of epidemic prevention and control, with the resumption of work and production of enterprises, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim. The whole hospital should not relax. COVID-19 should look at the problem from a political point of view and do a good job in prevention and control in an all-round way. We will fully implement the latest version of the diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the National Health and Health Commission and constantly optimize the measures and procedures for hospital prevention and control. Strengthen the standardization of the diagnosis and treatment process of fever clinic, strictly in accordance with the process to focus on the medical history of fever patients, residence history and close contact with the population.

In view of COVID-19 's treatment, the provinces and cities of the country have issued prevention and diagnosis and treatment plans of traditional Chinese medicine one after another, and the preventive preparation compound of traditional Chinese medicine "Qingfei Paidu decoction" has a good therapeutic effect. Through clinical verification, traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in the process of highlighting its unique advantages.

Li Zhigang stressed that while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, we should improve the quality of hospital service and point out the direction for the next step of work. We should always adhere to the leadership of party building, give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, pay equal attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine, let the general public feel the unique effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment and rehabilitation, feel the service concept of "great doctor sincere" in Ningjin County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, and improve the experience and trust of medical treatment.

The National Congress of traditional Chinese Medicine, held in Beijing on October 25, 2019, is another milestone in the history of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in China after the promulgation and implementation of the Law on traditional Chinese Medicine. General Secretary Xi Jinping has given important instructions to the work of traditional Chinese medicine, and his words are as good as Qianjun, which is agitating in the hearts of every Chinese medicine worker. "the Congress issued a march order to the national medical and health sector to encourage us to further inherit, innovate, and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine.

The era horn of inheriting, innovating and developing traditional Chinese medicine has sounded.

Li Zhigang asked that we should conscientiously study General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on traditional Chinese medicine and Premier Li Keqiang's instructions, deeply understand, follow the law of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, inherit the sincere spirit of great doctors, give full play to the leading role of famous old traditional Chinese medicine, help traditional medicine sum up and innovate, apply it to clinic, encourage and train more young Chinese medicine talents, take China as the center, help the west as aid, and carry out both China and the West. The development of Ningjin County traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will usher in a more vigorous spring.

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