Browser extension must be artifact-oil monkey plug-in, the original browser can be so powerful

27 Mar 2020 06:28

Hello, everyone. I'm Meng!

I don't know if everyone is satisfied with the functionality of the browser itself.

Some of the features of the browser come with it, although it meets most of your daily needs.

But sometimes there are always some restrictions.

For example: some web pages will have replication restrictions, web disk link content can not be downloaded directly, web version Baidu web disk can not directly download large file content, some web page resources can not be downloaded, the first few search engines are always advertising, and so on.

In the face of these restrictions, most of the small partners choose to be caught.

The download client downloads the client, the discard abandons

But with the oil monkey plug-in, this is no longer a problem.

It's all easy to solve.

Oil monkey plug-in English name Tampermokey plug-in

Is a free user script manager to extend the functionality of the browser

Plug-in installation tutorial

So how do I install this artifact plug-in?

Here, Amon recommends that you use Google browser.

Its expansion function is mature, and the plug-in types are complete, and the function is practical.

Next, take Google browser as an example to introduce you to the installation tutorial.

1. In order to facilitate everyone to use, I have prepared for you, you can download directly.

two。 First decompress the "oil monkey latest. CRX", and then change the suffix .crx to .rar

3. Then unzip it again, and finally get a separate folder.

4. Open the Google browser, enter chrome://extensions/, or open the extension program in more tools.

5. Now drag the previously unzipped folder directly into the page. Oil monkey manager installed successfully ~

The installation process is very simple. Let's try it quickly.

Introduction to script usage

Install the script manager and do the first step for the soldier to go to war

The next step is to find the scripts we need.

I would like to recommend a website for you here.


You can find all kinds of high-quality scripts on this site.

Only you can't think of it. You can't do it without it.

The installation of the script is also very simple

I summed up two kinds for you.

1. Web site download and installation

The first is directly in this site.

Select the script you want and click install

two。 Code add script

The second is to add it through code.

First, find the location of the extender icon in the upper right corner of the browser

Click on the oil monkey plug-in (that is, the red box to circle this)

Then click add new script.

Then delete the code from the new interface, paste the code of the required script, and click on the file & gt; to save it (I'll share some common script code for you).

Then you can find it in the installed script.

Effect display

And then there's the best part to show you the effect.

1. Disk straight chain download

First of all, take a look at the effect of Baidu direct chain download assistant

There will be an extra download assistant in the web version (because I have two such scripts, so mine is two ha), and the resources in the link can also be downloaded directly (see figure on the right).

two。 Bean petal resource download

Douban Resources download Master aggregates hundreds of resource sites and tells you through the right sidebar for 1 second which sites can download movies on Douban pages. video cracking

After entering the video website, open the video page, a few seconds later will pop up a button to come, click on the analysis can be seen for free.


This script removes ads from search engines and useless content and finds the most primitive sites directly.

In addition, there are free download of the original text of the library, free download of the full text of the knowledge network and other useful scripts waiting for you to discover ~

Resource acquisition method

Resources can be obtained by replying to "110506" in the official account "Amon's artifact pocket".