Free download / browse! The download address of electronic teaching materials for primary and secondary schools, such as the people's Education Society, Beijing normal University, and Foreign Research Society, has come.

26 Mar 2020 11:40

In order to ensure that primary and secondary school students "stop classes and not stop", recently, major publishing houses have opened up textbook electronic resources for students to download or browse online for free. The editor has arranged it for you.

Warm tip: the following is the official publishing house to obtain electronic resources, access as needed, use the computer to open more convenient to view, please do not do commercial purposes.

People's Education Publishing House

The following versions of electronic teaching materials are available:

The electronic edition of publications such as compulsory education textbooks, compulsory education textbooks (5 ·4 school system), ordinary high school textbooks, ordinary high school curriculum standard experimental textbooks and other publications used in the spring semester of 2020.

Access to:


Beijing normal University Press

Beijing normal University Publishing House provides the teachers and students with free PDF file download of the 2020 spring textbook, single page download of the whole subject textbook and teacher's book, teaching design, teaching courseware, microclass, classroom record, synchronous practice, teaching material training and teaching topic training video and so on.

Access to:

Foreign language Teaching and Research Press

The following versions of electronic teaching materials are available:

The English foreign research edition of primary school (grade 1 / 6), three cases (grade 3 / 6), the foreign research edition of junior middle school English (grade 7 / 9), the foreign research edition of senior high school English (grade 1 to grade 3 of senior high school).

Access to:

Guangdong Publishing Group Digital Publishing Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Publishing Group Digital Publishing Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Guangdong people's Publishing House, Guangdong Education Publishing House, Guangdong Science and Technology Publishing House, Huacheng Publishing House and other Guangdong publishing groups and southern publishing media publishing organizations, provides free electronic teaching books (PDF format) for the spring semester of 2020 through the Guangdong Jiaoyun Digital textbook Application platform, including primary, junior and senior high school grades. Chinese, English, science, geography, physics, chemistry, music and other subjects.

Access to:

2020 Spring semester Electronic textbook (Guangdong Edition) one-stop download

Hunan Education Publishing House

The following free resources are provided: 2020 Chunxiang teaching edition electronic teaching materials, teacher books, teaching assistance and lesson preparation resources free download.

Access to:

Click on the picture below, you can view all versions of the electronic textbook download link, copy the link in the computer browser can be opened.

Yuelu Book Club

Yuelu edition of "History of General Senior High School Curriculum Standard Experimental textbook". The electronic resources of 8 teaching materials are open to teachers and students all over the country free of charge.

Access to:


Source: Foshan education, comprehensive from the above publishing houses