[tip] turn on the Google browser multithreaded download option to increase your download speed by 10 times.

26 Mar 2020 08:57

Many users who download files frequently can install default download tools such as Xunlei or IDM to take over Google browsers or other browsers.

In the actual experience of most users, it is faster to use dedicated download tools than browser downloads, and in fact these experiences are indeed correct.

Because the download tool will use multi-thread download technology by default to improve the download speed as much as possible, however, the browser default download is single-thread download.

Did you know that Google also supports multithreaded downloads?

What's interesting is that Google browsers actually supported multithreaded downloads early on, but multithreaded downloads are still an experimental option until now.

That is, by default, Google browser's default download tool does not enable multithreaded download technology, so users feel slow to download.

Solving this problem is, of course, very simple: we just need to turn on the multithreaded download option of Google browser to make the download speed soosing.

So how do I turn on the Google browser multithreaded download option? Go to chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading and turn it on.

There must be questions from students: do other browsers such as Microsoft Edge support it? In theory, as long as it is based on Chromium, it is supported.

Win/Linux/Mac/Android version of Chrome can turn on this option to speed up

Download speed increased by 10 times after opening +:

After testing Google's multithreaded download technology by blue dot, it should be easy to increase the download speed by 10 times, and the speed of 10 times + can also be achieved.

Download speed mainly depends on these factors: the broadband of the user network, the exit bandwidth of the other server, through a variety of link links will have a negative impact.

For example, we test the download point of VULTR server in Tokyo, Japan, and Google browser download speed is stable at 1MB per second by default.

The same download point resource can reach 10MB per second after opening Google browser multithreaded downloads, so this speed is still very impressive.

If you download the resources provided by the domestic server, it will be faster if the other party does not have the speed limit, so users who use Google browser quickly turn on this option.

# unlimited speed download points that can be used for testing

# East Asia-Tokyo, Japan


# Southeast Asia-Singapore


Oceania-Sydney, Australia


# Europe-Frankfurt, Germany


# North America-Los Angeles, United States


VULTR Tokyo Test Point routing tracking data (BestTrace tool used in the figure)