Black Science and Technology: how to Export videos downloaded by uc browser

26 Mar 2020 08:28

Since ancient times, affectionate can not stay, only the routine to preserve the hearts of the people. Hello everyone, I am your cool techs teacher Mu Zi Li, there is no time for nonsense, get in the car! The video cache function of UC browser is very powerful, but the video of UC cache can only be viewed using built-in player, if you want to share it with friends or other devices, you need to merge and convert the video. The following is a uc browser cache video export, extraction method.

1. If the suffix of the file is ".vdat", simply change the suffix to MP4 to see it properly, as shown in the following figure

two。 If the suffix is ".m3u8", professional software merge transcoding is required for normal use. The following figure


Take a good look at the suffix name

The M3u8 merge tool can be Baidu for a while.

Come here first today. I hope you will take a look at the practical information I sent you around 8: 00 every night. It may be helpful to you. Thank you for your attention. Please read and forward my article more.