Take medicine with your feet and soak up the disease! Share traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine bubble foot secret recipe ~ traditional Chinese medicine wash feet, win to take tonic

24 Feb 2020 08:43

There is an old saying in our country, "washing your feet with traditional Chinese medicine is better than taking tonic." Many people have the habit of bubble feet, eat dinner, burn a basin of water and soak their feet while watching TV, wait for the whole body to heat up before falling asleep.

Indeed, there is a reflex area corresponding to the organs of the viscera on the feet of a person. When using warm water bubble foot, it can stimulate these reflex areas, promote human blood circulation, regulate endocrine system, enhance the function of human organs, and achieve the health effect of disease prevention and treatment.

At the same time, thermal stimulation will speed up foot microcirculation, if some traditional Chinese medicine can be added to hot water, then some elderly patients with chronic diseases will achieve twice the result with half the effort, so that the effect of bubble foot treatment is more effective than oral administration.

But the beneficial premise of bubble foot is to soak correctly, including water temperature, length of time and so on. In addition, foot bubble is not taboo, some special people and some special circumstances should not bubble foot. The foot is the "second heart" of the human body to protect it to pay attention to science.

One, soak the foot at night, nourish the kidney and replenish blood

Experts suggest: nine o'clock in the evening bubble foot, the most able to nourish the kidney-the reason why the choice of this time period to replenish the kidney, because at this time is the kidney through qi and blood weakness, at this time bubble foot, the body heat increases, the body blood vessels will expand, conducive to promoting blood circulation in the body.

After the foot bubble, it is recommended that no other activities be carried out and fall asleep every few minutes, so that the effect of tonifying the kidney is better.

Blood deficiency, blood stasis, cold hands and feet, bleak tongue, spots on the face, tight heart, suffocating, breathless, suitable for bubble feet at night.

II. The prescription and taboo of the foot

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Bubble foot prescription

Qi deficiency of the elderly: can choose Codonopsis pilosula, Huang Mao, Atractylodes macrocephala and other tonifying drugs.

Hypertension patients: it is appropriate to chrysanthemum, structure sacrifice, mulberry leaves, salvia miltiorrhiza and so on and borneol a little decoction bubble foot.

Some old people need to activate blood circulation and tonify the kidney in winter: Angelica sinensis, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, safflower, Chuansui and so on.

Some elderly skin dry, easy to crack: you can choose osmanthus branch, honeysuckle, safflower and other traditional Chinese medicine.

Dysmenorrhea of young women: Paeonia lactiflora, Leonurus chinensis and Angelica sinensis in water

Each sample of the above traditional Chinese medicine was taken with 15 g / 20 g, fried in casserole, then dregs the fried liquid and poured into the bucket, and then soaked in hot water for 30 minutes every day.

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Common materials in the home can also be used to soak feet

Salt in water: treat constipation, but also eliminate fatigue, help sleep.

Vinegar in water: cure foot odour, dispel foot odour, cure beriberi, promote blood circulation, dispel rheumatism.

Pepper in the water: deodorization and dampness, benefit water, help yang qi.

Put dried ginger in the water: treat rheumatism bone pain, afraid of cold and afraid of cold. Dry ginger warm to dissipate cold, return to Tongmai.

Put ginger, tangerine peel and mint in water: treat spleen and stomach deficiency, warm spleen and stomach, dispel dampness evil.

III. Taboos of foot bubbles

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Recommended barrel

Traditional Chinese medicine bubble foot should use buckets, do not recommend the use of metal and plastic basin, otherwise the effective ingredients of the liquid will be lost.

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The old man takes care of his feet. Don't soak too long.

Bubble foot should pay attention to the time should not be too long, a maximum of half an hour, otherwise the local blood circulation of the feet is too fast, will cause relative ischemia in other parts of the body, the elderly may be due to insufficient cerebral blood supply and dizziness, and then lead to fainting.

The peripheral nerve of diabetic person is usually not sensitive, the foot that does not break can carry on bubble foot, but should pay close attention to water temperature, should not use too hot water.

Can not sleep immediately after bubble feet, knead the soles of the feet when the feet are hot, wear socks in time to keep warm, wait for the whole body heat to decrease slowly, then fall asleep effect is the best.

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When you are too full and hungry, you should not soak your feet

When you bubble your feet, avoid being too full, hungry or eating, because bathe your feet will speed up the blood circulation of the whole body and is prone to dizziness and discomfort. It is not suitable to soak the foot within half an hour after meal, which will affect the supply of blood in the stomach.

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Baby, there's no need to soak your feet.

Wang Zemin, chief physician of the Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, does not advocate the use of hot water for infants and young children to soak their feet. The reason is that children are "pure yang body", which is easy to get hot and fall in love with fire. If you use hotter blisters on your feet and sweat, you will heat them up.

IV. A little knowledge of the foot

The upper body does not sweat, the lower body sweats, represents the kidney cold.

The upper body is feverish and the lower body is not sweating, which represents deficiency of qi.

The old man wants to live a long life, his head is cold and his feet are hot and full!

Stick to the foot, it is very good for the body, which is very learned, put this part in your Wechat, if the friends see, so bubble away the body of the disease, bubble out a good sleep, will be grateful to you!